Ammo Hacı Idris :

A firecracker of fondness that is a beacon for blackened souls…

Briefly he was a man who;

With devotion to the Sâdats,

Fondly attach to his Sufis.

What kind of person was he?

He was a old follower but not a former sufi on this path.

Haci Idris used to listen a sufi who had just become a devotee and what he told. So that person would feel like an experienced sufi in front of Haci Idris and he would feel honored (chosen) for taking this path.


He lived with;

Loyalty to those he respect,

Love for those he loved.


In white…

Accompanied by a person with the white turban…

To his white-bearded loved ones…..

Hacı Idris Tells

MUHAMMAD (s.a.v.) came from the fondness, FONDNESS came from Muhammad (s.a.v.). Like this example; the birth, development and emergence of these parables are FONDNESS. It is a means of FONDNESS, it has no other purpose…

While I was writing the parables, I realized that I listened to these parables from HACI İDRİS, but I personally witnessed the continuation and results of some of them.

Thinking that not writing these parables would be a shortcoming, I tried to compile the following parables with the title “With Haci Idris” as a continuation of “Haci Idris Tells”.

“Haci Idris Tells” It contains the parables we heard from Haci Idris.

“With Haci Idris” It contains the parables that I personally lived with Haci Idris.

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