WITH gratitude, fidelity, loyalty, favor

Cahide Hanim

When he went to guidance with Gavs, when he went to service with Emir, when he went to the sofis with fondness, without disturbing him in word and heart,

When he returns, she welcomes him and welcomes those who come to their house not as friends or guests of her husband, but as valuable sufis of Sâdats,

It is impossible to forget the wife of Haci Idris, Cahide, who prepares 2-3 tables (on average 10-15 people) every night in an incredible kitchen layout (in a small narrow kitchen).

(as it would be disloyalty, with the feeling that this is an injustice to our exemplary sister)

If we are talking about Hacı Idris today, it would not have been possible without his (forest-hearted) beloved wife, Cahide, behind him like a mountain.

Couldn’t be a Haci Idris……

In my opinion, Sâdats made Cahide his lover and companion so that he could be Haci Idris.

With my deepest regards,

For all the lovers.