(The Gavs hazrat mentioned in the story is the blessed fathers of gavsı sani seyyid Abdulbaki who now reside in the village of Kahta in Adıyaman city)

Hajjı idris was  originally from ( Siirt city ) and he was disciple – mürid –  of Gavs Seyyid  (Abdulhakim  El hüseyni) – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi.

Finding Gavs changed our lives, our perspective on life, we were now looking at people, the world in a different way, we were approaching people and life itself in a different way. Also, we were very pleased with this situation. While I was living with this situation and conversation, one night I dreamed of a person with a beautiful face, a turban and a beard.

In my dreams a person said me that ,İdris, I am İlyas the student of Sheikh Musa, (A great scholar and Sufi person who lived in that region in ancient times…the cemetery where his grave is still located in Siirt is named after him)

I was very surprised when I saw him say, “Get me out of this garbage dump, get out of here”. I said, “God bless you, God willing,” and I spent that day without saying anything to anyone. On the second day, the same person came to my dream again and repeated the same things. He was a very nice and pleasant person.ı was very impressed by him. I finished the day without saying anything to anyone.

When the dream repeated for 3 nights, this time when it became more harsh and dominating, he said, kurban “Where were you and how would I save you?”, the blessed showed me a district and place in Siirt and said, “Here I am, İdris” (it was a place and location that I know too)

The next morning, I went directly to the place that Sofi ilyas described and looked at one of the first residential neighborhoods of Siirt, which we call old Siirt, a plot between old houses, but it had became a place like a dump, where the inhabitants of the neighborhood had threw everything that was not useful to them mixed with garbage.

Well, how can I do it, no digging can be dug, how can I build this place on my own, also, does this place have an owner or not? If I told someone, they would laugh at me (I mean, they make fun of it because you saw it in a dream) (I don’t care, but I don’t know how to explain it.

Let me at least research if such a person really exists. I looked, yes, the story of such a person who lived in this region in the past is as follows:

Sofi İlyas was the student and disciple of the sheikh Musa, who lived here, and served close to the dervish lodge and the sheikh. Sheikh Musa sets out to go on pilgrimage with some of his students and followers, of course, in the conditions of that time, Of course, under the conditions of that time, pilgrims traveled to Hijaz by means of camels and on foot for months.

On that day, which is described as Arafat’s ascent to Arafat Mountain in Mecca, the day before the Hajj, Sheikh Musa, who was in the caravan climbing Arafat, was saying: Now, semolina halva is being distributed in Siirt. I wish we could eat it even if it was halva. it is halva (it was used to commemorate and celebrate Arafat in Siirt at that time. People used to make and distribute halva)

Being aware of this request of his sheikh, İlyas, who was serving in Siirt, ran to visit his wife at his sheikh’s house and buys the traditionally made halva (on the day of Arafe), of course, when the sheikh Musa’s wife kept giving enough to eat, as Sufi İlyas said “our sheikh loved it too” (sheikh’s wife) she thought that İlyas had wanted it but he could not  say it, , and she continued to give. When his sheikh’s wife stopped giving it, Sofi İlyas would add that our sheikh liked this halva very much)…

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