GavsHazret , whichwasmentioned in thishistory ,wasBlessedfather of  Gavsisaniseyyid Abdulbaki thatrecentlylives in Kahta Menzil villageof Adıyaman city .

Hajjıidriswasoriginallyfrom Siirt cityandhe wasdisciple ( mürid )  of GavsSeyyidAbdulhakim  El hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajjiidris ,whichservednear of his Sheikh, wasgoodsufi.

Because the birth was imminent, my mother strictly advised me not to move away. I was waiting impatiently.

eventuallythenewsweregiven me innight,assoon as ı tooknews, ı immediatlywenttobringthenursewhoassisted in deliveringbabies.whenwearrivedmyhome , sheenteredtheroom of patient. when ı waswaitingtheoutcome,ıwasgettingbusysomething in otherroom.My motherworryinglywentintotheroom

My mothertold me, my son, thechilddıd not come .quicklybring a doctor.

ıbroughtthegynecologistthatwas sole in Siirt citybybeggingtocomewith me.

Sheleftroomwithlittlehopelessandthanshesaid us thattherewasnothingwhich ı could do in here soyouhavetobringimmediatelyyourpatienttohospital in Diyarbakır city. Andthedoctorleft.

I wasthinking how ı wouldbringthemypatientto Diyarbakır andHowmypatientthat had criticalsituationcouldbearduringlongway. thatcircumstancemade me sooverwhelm. İn ordertotacklethiscircumstance, ı ıntendedtoperformsalaah. Meanwhileı saidmyfamilyto be preparedfortoughtrip.

After ı performedtworakahsalaah ,Hazratk.s ( Muhammed Diyauddin ) wasseen on myeyeslike a dream.Mymotherwaswaitingbymyheadwhen I complatedmy salah. Shesaidlysaid me thatyourwife had passedaway .May ALLAH giveyou  life sheadded. Then ı enteredtheroom. ThenurseCoveredmywife’sfaceandshewaswaitingsadly.

I saidmy self that May allahgivelong life toSaadat.

But My wholeworldcamecrashingdownaround me.i cried , icried.

My six children became orphans.they were so sorrowful  and ı dıd not know how to tackle it.

I ıntended to perform 2 rekahsalaah too.

When  ı  was about to   complate my salaah, Gavshazraat appeared. He said me never  bescared.foradab ( spritual courtesy ) I stood up.After a short time,with hectic sounds coming from inside, my mother came me running.

She said me,myson,good news , her leg moved.shereanimated,however, she died, even her face was covered.

After a short time, my mom called out from the room where my wife was. again and she said’ good news’. another son of you was born too…

I again performed thanks salaah for this good news. I was waiting for morning. After ı performedfajrprayer,ı set outtowardtoGadirevillage.ı hadintentiontovisitthevillagewhereGavs Hazret was,because ı wantedtotake a name from My Gavs ( Abdulhakim el hüseyni k.s )formynewborn son

I arrived in thevillageearly in themorning

the only grocer in the village was halo sıtkı’sgrocer store that was just opening

Halo sıtkasked me what’sup? everything’s ok?normallyyouwere not sopposedtocome  here soearly.

I respondedhimthatmy son had ı came here totake name frommygavshazratformy son.  ı askedhimwhereourgavswas ?I saidcouldyou ask him a name for me.

Look at him , gavsHazratwas  at divan ,chattingwithsomeone.Goand ask himbyyour self.

When ı reacheddoor of thedivan , hesaw me andcalledout  , come here, ı hopedtherewasnothingthematter,whyyouwere here at thishourhajiidris.

ı saidtomysheikhthat My Allah had given me a son thatwasservant of you.

He said me whetheryouknowgroom of Şahı Nakşibend ^ ALAADDIN ‘

I said’ Beli kurban,ıknew

He said me ı gave ‘ALADDINname  foryour  son

He saidwithsmilethat Şahı Nakşibendsometimes had called his Groom‘ Alo ‘in ordertomakejokingwith.

I said ^’ beli kurban ‘ so ı kissedhand of Gavshazrat, ı left.

After i wentto Halo sıtkıagain, and ı toldhimourconversationwithgavshazrat, ı immediately set out. I waswaitingforvanthatwouldtake memyhome. Because ı wantedtostartmywork.

When ı waswaitingthevan, ı realisedthatThename ,which ı often had repeated not toforget, wasforgettenby me. Eventhough I camethevillage in ordertotake name frommysheikhformyson,how ı couldforget..i got angry with myself so I returned the village

I asked ismi Halo about name of my son which I had come  to take name from my sheikh. He dıd not remember either.

ı immediately run to divan , but my sheikh was not there, I asked where my sheikh was. I was said that he was at his home. I could not dare to go his home. I returned ismi halo ı requested him to visit to my sheikh for me, ı said him , you were relative of my sheikh. Please ask him for me again.

He said me that he hesitated , he dıd not  want to bother him.

There was no option left apart from that I waited him would return to mosque .

I came a long way to take name for my son. So I dıd not want to  return my home without name .

When I thoughtaboutwhatto do withdistress,
I saw  son of mysheikh , Abdulbaki el hüseyni k.s ( gavsisani) at thewheel of thetractorthatcamewiththenoise. I supposedhimcomingfromfieldthatwasout of villageand he wasalone.

He said me that , ıhopedtherewasnothingthematter, younormaly had not comeearly in themorning .

I toldhimthematter.helaughedmuch.

He said me I couldgive a name foryour son but one on condition.

I saidhim ,order me.

he made me jokingbytellingthat  He showed me theplacewherethecandies .hesaid me ifyougot me thesecandies , ı wouldgiveyou name.

I saidhim. beli kurban, Tell me, I wouldgetwhateveryouwant..

He saidme ,nowthatyousaid me , okay , ı wouldgive a name ^ ALAADDIN ^

( At  thattime , ıcouldeaslyhaveconversationswithhim . wewerebothyoung. Weusedtoswim at Euphrates. Weusedtohaveswimmingraceuptotheoppositeshore of theEuphrates.)

As soon as he said, ı remembered .

I said , kurban,ALLAHblessyou ,youeasedtribulationfrom me.

Halo sıtkı put sameCandies in cone. He elongated it us. He paid his own money
I ınsisted much to pay, but he dıd not permit me to pay.
I cheerilywas on thewaybackagain .When ı wasabouttoleavethevillage, 
a questionfellintomymind, how dıd son of mysheikh , Abdulbaki el hüseyni k.s ( gavsisani) knowthe name ALAADDIN  ?  Becausewhen ı askedmysheikh , Abdulbaki el hüseyni was not in there.
ıimmediatelycameback.I wentstraighttothemadrasa. at that time Abdulbaki el hüseyni wasdistributingthecandiestodisciples of Madrasa, andeventheywereeating candies.
He welcomed me with smile
He said me , what happened again , haji idris
He said me , ıf you forgot the name again, I would not say…
I said him that , no, the name was in my mind. But I had a question.
He said , tell me

Kurban, how didyouknowthis name?
Whereasyouwere in thefieldyouweren'teven in thevillage.
He said me, 
it dıd not matter how ı knowname . If the name was correct then forget about the rest.
I said , I was really curious,Iinsisted.ı requested so he told me
well ,idris…

in themiddle of thenightSaki’smotherAbdulbaki  wasoldest son of gavshazrat ) woke up me in a hurry .  shesaidthat , wife of hajiidriswasabouttodie.  soyou had to do something,prayfor his somethingfor his wife
Abdulbaki el hüseyni kepttelling
I was so bored, I went out of home for 
ablution.afterthan ı had intentiontoconsultGavsHazrat.
I sawGavs ( Abdulhakim elhüseyn ) wassittingdownunderbower in thegarden.andwaspraying. When I approachedGavsHazrattotellmatter , heasked me what ı wanted.
I said ,Kurban,ıtoldhimaboutwife of hajiidris.
hetold me whatSaki'smothersawwastrue, but she had not needworry..
Şahı hazne made himmet ( help) him. bymeans of  prayer of şahı hazne , wife of hajiidriswassurvived.Moreover,his son wasborn … ALAADDIN name wasgivento his child.
Duetothisstory, ı knew . ( seyyidABDULBAKI  k.s)( Gavsisani )
(ḳuddisesirruhü) ( k.s) ,  May Allah sanctify his secrets
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