Gavs Hazret, which was mentioned in this history ,was Blessed father of  Gavsi sani  seyyid Abdulbaki that recently lives in Kahta Menzil village of Adıyaman city .

Hajjı idris was  originally from Siirt city and he was disciple ( mürid )  of Gavs Seyyid  Abdulhakim  El hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi

Gavs Hazret started act of showing true path ( irşad ) in  the villiage  of the district of siirt city. He started becoming famous as gavsı kasrevi as well.  So naturally   people ,who were from siirt, became of our friends as sufis.

Our financial situation was very good as a family in those days.  we were doing wholesale farm animal trade in herds. We transferred farm animals to iraq,syria and iran with railway wagon  so   We were a loved and respected family with its wealth that was above the standarts around us. we worked very hard.we had heavy  burden . but we made money much.

we were much  pleased with our life. I benefited from this situation as the  youngest brother of our family. I only wore my clothes for once , I dıd not wear same clothes for second. All the  clothes  I wore had to be special.for instance  my shoes were  made of snakeskin and I got them from india.ı used to go to the barbershop every morning and evening. Every morning The barber waited for me and he never shaved  anyone before me because the payment ,I gave , was much than all  customer paid.there was no standard payment for me. I gave always what  the payment went through from my heart. So I was so private customer than other customer for the barbershop as economically.

I had night life , I had a lot of things.  One day I went to my barbershop. There was a shop that belonged to sufi ,was near of my barbershop. And sufi people came together in there  and  They were talking and sharing  something with joy and love. While I was shaved , I heard their joyful talking .but for some reason their  joyful mood darkened my eyes. Blood rushed into my brain. I was mad with  nerves, I was very nervous even though I could not understand it. Even I was teasing them. I hit the wall. I was warning them to stop tallking. They dıd not respond. They just said ‘okay and than they kept quiet .soon after they started talking again. I strived to get a fight with them. But they dıd not respond.

Even I had a special -kama- big knife.  before I slept at night I used to put kama in nitricacid- in recently bleacher-  its called steel poison , if there was a little wound  doing by kama, ıt would cause too much pain. The wound never get better easily.  ı was hostile to them so treacherously and brutally. But they were not giving me this opportunity.

As the days passed like this,  one day I came across mollah Şefik in bazaar. He was a scholar who was respected by knowledge in city, moreover, he was leader of peope who loved Gavs Hazret. The people who loved Gavs were gathering  around mollah şefik. When I met him,he said me that look at me, we always were visiting our sheikh Gavs hazret ,when would you join us ? in order  not to contradict him and put  him off  , I said kindly him that  , seyda- in this region ıf some one was scholer, he was called ‘ seyda ‘, I could not break you ,I would join you one day .  .he grabbed my arm, he said me that look at my eyes and give me a promise in order to visit Gavs hazret like a man

He said again, promise ?

I could not break my promise so I gave promise….

Anyway so I  got rid of him, As the days passed like this,  one day in order to go to other district, I went from center of the city to bus station so Mollah şefik was in there he was  chatting with  the sufis in front of a van and seemed to be waiting  for someone. As soon as he saw me,he said , idris, the day was that day, I said surprisingly  which day ?

He said that Promised day …

I responded him that no seyda,  I had a lot of work so not today, even if I said I Would go to another district, he said me , you promised and we had been waiting for a long time. this was promise so the day was that day he repeated. I looked  there was no escape anymore..ı would not continue with kindness. when I said , forgive me  not today ,he silenced me. and he kept saying, look  ,idris, you had to get on this van with sufis.otherwise there was no any van to take you out of this square. ı said that was it possible to take place ?, there were many vans.he insisted you could not get on other vans….he immediately left where I was so I headed towards the van where would go other distric. I got on and sat in the front seat of the van. And than I said  driver lets go,take me out here, did not wait for other passengers , I would paid for all empty seats. So the driver said happily okay. The van moved.when the van passed near Mollah şefik, I took a look to him. He was looking at me with all his majesty with  his hands tied behind.After we had gone 10 meters ,the tire of the van was we got out of the van. I said the driver suddenly change the tire.

Molah şefik shouted me, every body in the square heard  that. Idris, idris I Swear to ALLAH. Apart from our van, no other van could not take you out this square. Please dıd not damage to property of the driver of your van any more. I got so angry.ı thought how could this possible. But this  was  just van that could not contralled  by words of other was not possible. So after tire of change,we moved again..after we had gone 20 meters,  the two  tires of van was the direver said me that ,idris,  no other tire was  left.

Mollah şefik repeated what he said before.

all people in the square  were looking at me..ı was so ashasmed.ı said my self that  in order to got ride of this bad situation I had, I had to get on the van of sufis  after  than I would get out the van at somehow.we altogether got on the van of Mollah şefik. I had a glance to eyes of Mollah şefik  ,spiritual of him..and so I believed that if he had not let some one to help me, no one would have halped me to take out from the square .even so I  quaried him  that it was possible for you do that ….he responded me that  you witnessed what gavs hazret did you….gavs did , he repeated….ı thought about that gavs was not here so how to do it…after than I said my self that who cares, so   I got rid of this thought so I would get out this. There were many sufis sitting in the van whom I dıd not like. It was very boring to be with them so I had thought that I immediately had to get rid of this boring situation. Our van stopped at the exit of the city near the bakery to buy bread and pitta bread. I knew baker that was nickname- gavur- ( giaour) Ali.

ı immediately got out the van for toilet. as soon as I used the toilet, I silently went to baker  , I said that look at me ,Ali, please take me out from this car , so make your wish. I promised I would do. he said me that it was easy , but in return you would buy lounge suit for me.ı said that two lounge suit  immediately would be ready in this night. Ali was so happy. When Mollah şefik came near Ali to pay payment, As if Ali saw me new , he said me that  ooooo idris I found you on the ground while looking for you in the sky –( found unexpectedly).he added what was good.After than Mollah şefik sternly said Ali that idrsi was wit us…

Ali said , for ALLAH’s sake  give me idris. Afterwards  I would brought him to place where you wanted.  ı would do what you wanted.

Mollah şefik said , no, we were going to visit hazret gavs. Ali repeated that  seyda, I would bring idris with my hand. Molla şefik said that stay away from idris.

When Ali started  speaking, Mollah şefik grasped lever of scale that was 2 kg , he said , for ALLAH and prophet’s sake if you said more words , I would beat with lever of scale to you.  whose nick name  was giaour  ( gavur ) ? mine or your ?

Everyone in there especially Baker giaour Ali understood Mollah şefik was so determined.

Mollah şefik said today was day of idris , you were going to see Gavs hazret. No one could not hinder you. And you had to see this reality so not stir up any problem.ı understood this reality. Today there was no other place where  I could go ,apart from kasrik . I slept with this anger in the van. When we arrived to kasrik , I was woke up , we walked for a while  and arrived the mosque.the mosque was small , the weather was cold so I entered in the mosque, there were a few person who sitting around of them wore imamah ( sarık). I  thought about he was Gavs I went him so I kissed hand of him. Later other person came near us so the person whom I kissed hand of him , kıssed hand of this last person.that made me angry and I said to myself he was not Gavs
After warming up a little , I headed to the door for ablution. I grabbed the door handle.  ı thought the door would not open first  infact someone from the outside held the door handle. At the same time I was traying to open inside  , he was traying to open the door outside . later the door was opened. I only saw a pair of eyes. a hoarse voice came from me

Just that

The people living there told about the next. As soon as ı came eye to eye ,ı  lost myself and fell  right in front of the door and shoe rack  so   in order to enter the mosque , peope had to jumped over me. Gavs Hazret firstly jumped over me. Gavs Hazret said his congregation behind that you jump over it like me.but not touch All congregation jumped over me so they entered the mosque.when they wanted to leave the mosque they had to  jump over me.

After ı regained consciousness ,ı found myself laying beetwen door and shoe rack. ı was traying to understand the statioun which ı got through. I could not remembered Apart from  a pair of eyes ,dark and the pain- ( spiritual pain )-  on my chest ı felt.,ı washed my hands and face ,  ı performed ablution. There was deep pain- ( spiritual pain )-  on the my chest

. ı fidget so I was supposed to be somewhere where those eyes could see me or where I could see those eyes. The time and place were gone for me  there just one person exsisted for me . he had to be so ı had to be with him… the thought ı had was so valuable. Apart from this thought ,there was complate nothing.

 ı immediately   asked  where he was ?

He was said to have rest.  ı was told to wait at home.he was told he  would come the mosque. I looked sufis and ı was supprısed.ı said my self that   how comfortable they are.
Although Gavs Hazret was here in other place, how could they stay without him, without seeing him.

Later ı asked them to Show me his home.ı had to see him. They responded me No., ı repeated , ı had immediately  to see could not understand me  I could not do without him.ı said if you dıd not  show me where he stayed., ı would  knocked door of all homes in ther village.  if necessary , ı would break the doors that would not open. And ı would see him. When they realized that I would do what I said, they said I could see him, but provided that I did not bother him, I said ‘okay’

To be sure  , I asked a lot of questions like where he stayed, where he would come out of his home, Whether there was  any other way out from his home.

Then I was said that he would come out of this door so I started waiting.

I was so excited.

Later Suddenly he came out and looked at me. I could not look him. he started walking, So I was literally putting my foot where he lifted ı was pursuing  step by step. My steps were more than step by step.
He entered the mosque, he went to mihrap. I stood right behind him for salaah. He performed the sunnah of the salaah. Than Preparation for the fard of salaah started.the iqama was recited. I was told to go to the other side for prayer.ı dıd not pay attantion what I was said. Later again seriously I was told to go to the other ( saf ) line for prayer.
I got my feet up and put them back on the ground, hinting that no one could move me from here. They realized that they couldn’t move me from this ( saf ) .line. salaah was completed.he returned us.I could only raise my head enough to see your beard. I couldn’t raise my head any more. After the salaah and praying , people started moving. A few people sat down around ı I pointed the person sitting on his right side to get up with my eye.
Because if someone was going to sit next to him, it should have been me. I could not do without him.  There was no perception for me to be away from his.  The person, whom I pointed, still was sitting down so I sat down on him . So this person had to flee by force.

Later A person ,who came in front of his,  was holding a box with small stones inside.
This person said to my ear that I had to go out then they would take it back in. I refused by pointing at him with my eye.later I took a look at gavs Hazret. I just said that if you tell me I would leave here. So he ordered the person, who would distribute stones ,not touch me.

The gavs said ,Estagfirullah, ( the Hatme beginning ).

At that time everythings stop including eyes.

I said my self that everyone closed their eyes, so I had to do same. But I felt suspicious.ı said ALLAH ALLAH , they would run away ,or they would be abducted. Than I looked Gavs Hazret. He closed his eyes too. I said my self that in order to not to cut relation with him , I had to closed my ı firstly touched my knee to his knee.ı said my self that if he  stood up, I would feel him so , I would stand up..

I occasionally opened my eyes during hatme, I checked eyes of other people so I closed my eyes again.

Everythings includings eyes came to life with Estagfirullah.

His eyes touched my eyes, He had a lot of work on me as spiritual ( he made everyone bounce off me ) .  I stayed at his  door.   I literally put my foot where he lifted.  ı pursued him step by step.ı performed salaah  behind him. my knee touched his knee. So  ı understood that it was time to  submit and respect to him.From Engin

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