(The Gavs hazrat mentioned in the story is the blessed fathers of gavsı sani seyyid Abdulbaki who now resides in the village of Kahta in Adıyaman city)

Hajjı idris was  originally from ( Siirt city ) and he was disciple – mürid –  of Gavs Seyyid  (Abdulhakim  El hüseyni) – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi.

My dear friend Sheikh Salah was sick. He was one of the beautiful sufis of (Gavs Abdulhakim al-Huseyni (k.s.). He surrendered to Gavs even though he had the caliph’s approval from two sects. I convinced him to take him to the hesta spas, even though it was winter and the hostels were closed(A historical spa in Siirt) I  got empty hostel. opened

I placed the items we brought. We went down to the spa. ı got  pool well cleaned and filled. But the water was so hot that we couldn’t get into it. We were trying to cool the water by whipping it with a stick. I also started cooking. At that time, Sheikh Salah began to sing the eulogy.

(Sheikh Selah used to sing very beautiful odes. He was called the nightingale of the gavs. “. Before gavs began to repent, the sheikh Selah used to call sela beje. it would mean let’s sing the ode. selah would also start singing improvised odes. That’s how Gavs started repentance).

While the sheikh selah was singing the ode, a skinny man came in. He dived into the water with his clothes, saying “Tell your sheikh, please tell” in Kurdish with enthusiasm and conversation. I was also very scared for this man because the thermal water was very hot. I was afraid that the man was boiled. He remained in the water for a long time, as if nothing had happened. When the man got out of the pool, I poured a bucket of cold water on the man as a precaution. He was so angry with me that I was actually scared. He scolded me for what ı had done to him. I got angry too. I said you would be boiled man. I got angry too. I said you would be boiled man. what  you had done. Meanwhile, when Sheikh Salah started a new eulogy again, the man again plunged into the water, repeating the same words with the same enthusiasm and affection.   ı said la havle vela kuvvete illa billah. but I realized that there was some weirdness in this business and the man. At this time, it became ready in the meals I made. I also brewed the tea. We sat at the table. We invited him to table. the man. He said ,he would not eat but dringk tea. Our guest, who looked weak and weak, drank a pot of tea alone until we ate the food.

We realized that there was no tea left for us to drink. We brewed a new tea. The person whose name we learned was Sufi Hasan continued to drink tea alone that night, the next morning, at noon, and even in the evening. We insisted on him to at least eat some food. but in vain,he ate nothing. Sufi Hasan (said he had not put anything but tea in his stomach for twenty-five years). he stayed with us as long as we stayed there. And he didn’t really eat anything. When we ran out of supplies, I went to the village to bring animals to carry our things. Because the roads were muddy, cars could not come to the spa. I came back. We loaded our belongings on the animals, We brought the car back  we rented in Hesta too and set off. Sufi Hasan was also with us. After a while, the car skidded on the slope at the exit of the village. The roads were very muddy, while we were thinking how we can push the car when we could not stand on the road, Sufi Hasan said us to sit down. He got behind the car and started pushing… He continued all the way up the hill. (it was very difficult for a person, only I was over 120 kg Sheikh Selah is a strong person too , think about the weight of the belongings and the vehicle). On the hill,

Hasan got into the car. We came to Siirt, other Sufis liked Sufi Hasan very much. He was my guest for a few days. One night, after chatting, another Sufi took him home.

Hasan was the guest of that sufi that night. A rushed phone call came in the morning. sufi hasan had been taken to the hospital. I immediately rushed to the hospital. What happened? ı asked. Sufi started to tell. We were having breakfast in the morning, I said that honey was very good and I insisted that Hasan eat a piece of honey. I forced Sufi Hassan. He took a piece with the tip of the spoon, for my sake.

At that moment, he collapsed to the ground with foam in his mouth. We brought him here to the hospital right away. After a while, the doctor examined Sufi Hasan and came to us. The doctor said there was nothing to be afraid of. honey was stuck in his stomach, in his throat, we took it by releasing a hose from his mouth.

Feeding Hassan anything is an attempt to kill him. Because this man had lost his stomach digestion feature because he had not eaten for years. He was discharged that day.

sufi hasan We had guests for a few more days.

Sufi Hasan used to pray: May Allah take my life after Gavs Hazrat.

And he passed away before Gavs. God have mercy. Amine.

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