GavsHazret , whichwasmentioned in thishistory ,wasBlessedfather of  Gavsisaniseyyid Abdulbaki thatrecentlylives in Kahta Menzil villageof Adıyaman city .

Hajjıidriswasoriginallyfrom Siirt cityandhe wasdisciple ( mürid )  of GavsSeyyidAbdulhakim  El hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajjiidris ,whichservednear of his Sheikh, wasgoodsufi.

Gavshazratboughtland in gadirivillage in Kozluk  district of Siirt city.itwasone of themostfertileandbeautifulvillages in thearea.
 He Firstlybuilt  amosque. whenhousesandotherplacesconstructed,( Gavsabdulhakim el hüseyni k.s ) migratedtothere in summer
After a whileformer residents started harassing Sufis and mistreating GavsHazrat.
Sometimeswhenit's time forprayer, theymadevarioussoundstoharassmosquecommunity.
GavsHazratdid not intervene in theseevents at all.wheneversufisattemptedtointervene, he preventedthem.

forthisreasontheSufiswerekeepingsilent.howeverwewereabouttoloseourPatience. theseharassmentscontinuedfor a long time
Even They played drumed next to the mosque while praying.
haji Mehmet's brother, Sofi FEHMI and his men, who resented the villagers' disturbing the Gavshazrat, took a position  at the entrance of the village with manyweaponsand threatened the villagers.
when I went to them to understand the situation
Fehmi said me that go and tell GavsHazratı had given up becoming sufi and I would not obey with him Any more. He said for GavsHazrat not to interfere with me any more…

On the same day, GavsHazrat told me to go to fehmi.fehmi was out of the village.Gavshazrat told me to introduce myself before I approached him.I did not fullyunderstandwhat he said

When I approached Fehmi,the bullets  were fired near my feet.I shouted I was idris.before I was saying any thing ,he told me he knew me
.he said me not approach .He said me to go and tell Gavshazret that I would not return.

when I insistentlysaidtofehmithatthiswastheorder of GavsHazrat, he said me thateverytings had beenunderourcontrolin thisregion, in these mountains.we had knownneitherAllahnorfaithnortruth,justicebefore.laterbymeans of help of gavs , webecamereal Human. we surrendered to him.We all together owed everything to him.
Furthermore, Since wewerelikethis, 
let these villagers sacrifice for gavshazrat ,that mean ( thesevillagers had toappreciategavshazrat.). thesevilagersowedtogavs as well. We had beenturnedintorealhumanbygavshazratbut thesevillagersdıd not know.thesevillagersdıd not know. since wedıd not intervene , sinceweweresilent , theytargetedgavshazrat. ı was not listening his order.tellhim not tointervene me.
Eventhough ı saidthatthiswasmistake, fehmistared at me andsaidthat he had beenhighwaymanbefore. solet metobecamehighwaymanforthelast time andand he fired me there.
I came back.ı said my Gavshazrat that kurban,Sofifehmi was so angry.he would not  come  Gavs said me to go and recall fehmi again.
I said fehmi that Gavshazrat  ordered you to come in haste. As soon as he heard ,Fehmi furiously threw ( mauser ) – a kind of pistol- which he hold, to the was broken.

fehmigotupandcamewith me.
Gavshazratangrilyaskedhimwhat he wantedto do.
Fehmi saidthatthesevillagersoutragedSaadat.

Whowereyouto be thatyoudıd not havepatiencefor an eventthatAllah  waspatient.
Theydıd not outrage us but objectedto Allah.
perishthethought !youwere not supremethan Allah. Dontinterveneourmatter. Gavssaid.
Fehmi disappointedlyleft.
GavsHazratinsistentlykeptadvisingtothevillagers. he Said whattheydidwaswrong.
But itsvain.theydıd not careaboutwhatgavshazratsaid.
İn theend , Gavshazratmadedecisiontosellthevillage.
Whenevercustomerscametothevillageto buy it, gavs hazret wassayingthemthatthevillagercoulddistupt.sothecustomersweregivingupto buy.
Wesaidgavshazratthatitsbetter not towarnthecustomersabaoutdistrupting of villagers.  , lookthem , theywerecamingbackwithoutbuying.
Gavshazratsaid. İfwe had not saidaboutdefect of ourmerchandise, wecouldhavedeceived.thatmeant, wewouldtransgresedorder of prophet Muhammed ( s.a.v) thereforesaadatneverwould do that.

Finallysomeonecameanddesiredto buy thevillage.GavsHazrat told the same things to him.
Thismansaid he wouldtacklewiththem.
After a while, a fightbrokeoutbetweennewcomersandformerresidents in thevillage.because of thisfight,Thereweredeaths on bothsides.

men of thevillagemigrated.
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