(The Gavs hazrat mentioned in the story is the blessed fathers of gavsı sani seyyid Abdulbaki who now reside in the village of Kahta in Adıyaman city)

Hajjı idris was  originally from ( Siirt city ) and he was disciple – mürid –  of Gavs Seyyid  (Abdulhakim  El hüseyni) – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi.

Gavs brought a shepherd dog to accompany the animals, as well as to be subject to ( mutaabak)  be his sheikh Ahmet el Haznevi (Şah-ı hazne). Şah-ı hazne’s dog’s name was Hazro

He said let it be named KASRO and left his name.

Over time, Kasro became a very beautiful and intelligent dog, grew and became a source of joy for many sufis. Kasro  played games with us and accompanied the sofis’ conversation, Kasro  became a completely different creature when he saw Gavs.

even though Kasro had no training, when Gavs told him to sit, he would sat down right away, otherwise when he saw Gavs, Kasro was so cheerful and act like we would all admire kasro. Afterwards, he followed Gavs with his eyes and his whole body, always on alert, waiting for a sound and a breath from Gavs. (to myself many times : is this idris ? animal you ? unclear). At least, I have reproached myself a lot in front of Gavs at this door, “Be like Kasro.

The behavior of the animal would be a lesson to all of us.

When Gavs passed away, from the moment Kasro was brought to the range (in fact, according to the shepherd, Kasro’s behavior changed as of the time of her death in Ankara). He tried to be the closest at every stage until the burial of Gavs. He wandered around with such sadness without harming people and scaring them that everyone who saw him among us gave way to him with respect and love. When we took Gavs to the mosque for prayer, he did not enter the door as if he knew, but he did not leave the door either.

When we buried Gavs in his grave, no one could separate Kasro from Gavs’ grave, no matter what we did. We gave meat, we gave milk, whatever we gave and never put a bite in his mouth, but when we insisted ,He looked at us like he had tears in his eyes (Gavs died, didn’t you love him? He looked at us as if to say what are you talking about?)

KASRO melted day by day with this grief and pain and died with this situation. We have always heard the stories of Kıtmir and we were amazed by it. When we saw Kasro, we understood Kıtmir.

İts from engin

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