ALLAH c.c had given me a son . I could not gıve a name to my son for a week because ı wanted to take a name from My sheihk Seyda Hazret,Muhammed Raşit  – May Allah sanctify his secrets  -. As soon as I found an opportunity , ı visited the village where my sheihk  lived. After ı had been in presence of my sheihk and visited him, ı said him ı had a son so ı requested him to give a name to    my son. My sheikh Seyda hazret , Muhammed Raşit  – May Allah sanctify his secret -said me,his name would be Nurullah.

After my other visitings complated in village,ı returned to my hometown called Siirt. I said  members of my family  that  my sheikh Seyda hazret , Muhammed Raşit – May Allah sanctify his secrets- had  named  my son Nurallah. And than my family members commented  that the Name, Nurullah which your sheikh gave  – May Allah sanctify his secret -was good but  if our son was named Nurettin , we would be more pleased . Both of the names  were almost  same.

Eventhough ı insisted that name of our son  have should be Nurullah, ı could not convinced my family  so we named my son Nurettin. İnfact , due to the  fact that ı dıd not want to dısturb peace of the  my family,ı said nothing, ı accepted.

Until  my son, Nurettin reached 8 mounth , he had a lot of health problems such as diarrhoea,high fever , failuring to weight  for a long time. We were paying too much attention to our son Nurettin. At that tıme ı had to visit the Bursa city. so ı strictly recommended my family to take care my son, not to chill him , ıf there were any health problem with him , you would pick him up to doctor without any hesitation. But still  eventhough ı had strict recommandation to my family, ı dıd not feel comfortable.

When ı was at bursa , my friends ,who lived in bursa  ,recommended me that peach fruit- which was so famous of bursa-  that was benefit for  diarrhea whıch my son ı  bought a basket of peach fruit for my son and ı put ıt ın bus.after we departed , when we came to Adana city by bus, we had a break to transfer to other bus.  When we were   waiting in Office of bus company ,we were trasferred with my belongings including peach fruit basket to other Bus that would go  my city Siirt. At that time I noticed my basket of peach fruit had been lost.that made me so angry because of that was for my son.unles ıt had  been for my child , ı would havent been angry. After this problem, ı consulted to personnel working in bus company, ı compalined to him because of lost of my peach fruit. They bought new basket of peach fruit.ı said them it dıd not substitute for my lost peach fruıt   however ı consented , ı put peach fruit with my suitcase in bus. After my bus reached to my hometown Siirt , ı checked my suitcase ,so ı noticed  that   a basket of peach, which  bought by staff of bus company  instead of my original  peach was  lost again ı complained driver and bus conducter about my second lost a basket of peach. They said me its just peach. we could buy The finest peach in Siirt , if that you wanted, ı said them,the peach was not important but its for my ill son.and ı dıd not keep disputing with them , ı write off each other’s debts so ı went to my home.

his wife tells this part of his story

My husband  stayed in bursa for 3 days during his travel. Our sun ‘Nurettin died   in  the morning of the  day when My husband left . I dıd not mentioned about death of his son because ı would not want to make him worry  so  he did not ask me about him.

Two days later he returned to home and he dirictly headed to the crib of our son. But the crib was empty.And than he looked my face , at that time ı started crying , he did not say anythings  but he just said that May ALLAH give long life to our sheikh….

Hacı İdris resumed on  his story.

After this event , a few years passed so  ALLAH c.c  gave me a son. I visited my sheikh again. And when ı was in the presence of my sheikh, ı forgot my event .ı said to my sheikh  that My Allah had given me a son that was  servant of you. and  what  you ordered his name. He thought for a while and than he said me , İdris , ı said , order me my sheikh.

We named this son ‘ NURULLAH ,Not NUREDDİN.

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