(The Gavs hazrat mentioned in the story is the blessed fathers of gavsı sani seyyid Abdulbaki who now reside in the village of Kahta in Adıyaman city)

Hajjı idris was  originally from ( Siirt city ) and he was disciple – mürid –  of Gavs Seyyid  (Abdulhakim  El hüseyni) – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi.

Gavs hazrat was now looking for a place that belonged to us, without having any problems with anyone, and a comfortable place to worship and serve the ummah. Troubles in other villages and settlements made him very sad and he started to look for an independent settlement (village).

 After looking at a few places, a news came from Adıyaman when Mollah Nezir, one of the loyal sufis of Gavs, said that he had found a place, Under the guidance of Gavs Molla Nezir, he assigned Mohammed Rasheed and me to look after the village. We went to many services together before (I think so I was sent to  keep an eye on Mohammed Rasheed )

To get there, we first got on the truck, got on the minibus, then we crossed the Euphrates with a raft, and then we only reached the land with mules. In short, this trip made us very tired. (I was so angry with Mullah Nezir that where did you bring us  ? Where was this place? Even though I complained him, the journey continued)

We toured the land, and the owners were selling it because there was no water.

Sayyid Muhammed Raşit stood on a hill, looked at the land, turned to me and asked, “How was Idris village?”

ı said that kurban, here was not a village, it was a barren land, there was no road, there was no water, not even animals could come here, how many kinds of mounts were there, we could only come here like that, , how would sufies come? May Allah delete here if it would be  in our destiny ” When ı said these , he put his hand on my shoulder and said, “No, don’t say that, we would build the mosque here, we would build the stables here, we would build water tanks here, even we would build  petrol station  here,” he said one by one, but I couldn’t understand his horizon.We came back like this and came to the presence of Gavs while Gavs was meeting with Mohammed Rashid, I waited outside after that

Gavs hazrat ordered me. So I went to the presence of Gavs. Muhammed Raşit was looking at us from the window behind me. Gavs asked; “Idris, you went to the village and looked at the land, how was it?” ” Muhammed Raşit had said it’s beautiful.” Gavs stopped again, how was Idris village? “Kurban Muhammed Raşit had said its beautiful.”Gavs hazrat didn’t make a sound… “How was village ? Idris.  I started sobbing and saying:  “ ,  there was not a village, it was the head of the mountain, there was no road, there was no water, , if we had gone there, no one would have  followed us. ” Gavs hazrat waited. When I calmed down a little, “Look, Idris, calm down.Muhammed Raşit was looking for a place for himself, we would migrate wherever he said”

Indeed, the migration took place and God gave me life. What Seyyid Muhammed Raşit said on the first day when he looked at the barren land, it all came true over the years. and I witnessed all of them. That place became menzil village for suifies first. Then ıt became menzil vil lageall for  his ummah to Muhammad (people)

Note : (In the early days of Gavs’ı Sani Abdulbaki) one day, while he was at menzil village with Hacı İdris, he told me this story and he said, look, petrol station would be made here. This was the middle of the village. I asked if there would ever be a petrol station here where  (that’s the current EDEP Shop).Haji Idris said with a smile, I said what you said in the past. but it all happened one by one. After a while oil pumps were put there, it became a petrol station. later ıt moved to the village exit. and we filled the car tank with pilgrim Idris laughing at each other every time we bought gas from there, He used to say that every time we buy gas, their word is a word, not a word, it doesn’t fall to the ground, it doesn’t stay on the ground ( that mean ıt always happen).

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