(The Gavs hazrat mentioned in the story is the blessed fathers of gavsı sani seyyid Abdulbaki who now reside in the village of Kahta in Adıyaman city)

Hajjı idris was  originally from ( Siirt city ) and he was disciple – mürid –  of Gavs Seyyid  (Abdulhakim  El hüseyni) – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi.

It was a military coup. Due to some ill-intentioned soldiers, they forced Sultan Mohammed Rashid to reside in Gokceada district in the Aegean Sea. In fact, Muhammad Rashid, who saw the great number of soldiers who came to take him, said to the commander in charge, “Why did you tire so many soldiers for me? If you had told me to come, I would have come, and you would not have been so tired.”

They did not allow him to meet with anyone other than a member of the family. Traveling to and from the island was completely subject to permission, although we could not make sense of this situation, but as lovers (sofler) we were very upset.

Although we tried various ways to see him and reach him, we were not successful. I came to the village with these sadness and thoughts. I told him I want to go see him if he is allowed. His brother Abdulbaki, who knew my relationship and love with him. he said it would be ok.

 After I set off, I learned that a citizen of ours from Siirt was living on the island and became a businessman there, I found him and told him the situation. He said, “I love you, but this request would be very difficult, they were doing very tight control.” After a few attempts, he took me to the island as his assistant. We entered the island, but I thought until the morning how to reach him, then when I went to the bakery to buy bread. They were also making simit in the oven, I went out and found a long stick, bought 50 bagels, stacked them on the stick. As a bagel seller, I went to the street where Sultan Hz was staying. I started shouting up and down in front of his house as  a bagel seller by shouting bagel seller,bagel seller,bagel seller. I was giving bagels to children who came to buy bagels from me, and I was not getting paid. I was saying ‘taberruk ‘ and giving it to them.

 As I passed his house, I cried louder and shouted ” bagel seller,bagel seller. I think so the Sultan Hz. He recognized my voice and came to the window and started looking at me. Then he called the nanny with a smile and said, “Come, look, the bagel shopkeeper has come, look at this bagel shop, look who came to us. he said me ‘ haji idris ‘not to be anxious. a little patience. I hope it would end, he said.

When I saw him like that, the fire inside me became lava from my eyes, it flowed , it became tears. After a while, they transferred him to his home residence in Ankara.Then they understood that he is a value of the country working for this country. Alhamdulillah he was allowed to go to his village.

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