Gavs Hazret , which was mentioned in this history ,was Blessed father of  Gavsi sani  seyyid Abdulbaki that recently lives in Kahta Menzil village of Adıyaman city .

Hajjı idris was  originally from Siirt city and he was disciple ( mürid )  of Gavs Seyyid  Abdulhakim  El hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi.

Among 1960 and 1965 years There was a old mill motor which Gavs Abdulhakim  el hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secret –  had. He gained this old mill motor in very difficult conditions. so it was  so valuable for us. But because it naturally  was old,  ıt often had trouble.

There was a repairman of mill motor, kazım who lived  in village that was so near the village of Gavs ( Abdulhakim  el hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secret ). The repairman was so contary. Whenever he came to our village , he scolded us and gavs but gavs dıd not respond to him , in fact Gavs recommended us to not to respond him. I also was so angry with this repairman who had bad behavior.

Due to fact that this mill motor was so old, it often had trouble, one day  it had trouble again so we called repairmen Kazım. As soon as he checked mıll motor, he said to us that it had big malfunction and it would be repaired at repair station in   city of The  Gaziantep. And than he disssembled the mill motor and he left. Gavs  said me that you would  take mill motor  city of Gaziantep and get mıll motor repaıred.ı accepted this order and ı put disassembled parts of mil motor in sack.

I waited for a long time but there was no car coming. İt was time to perfom evening prayer , but there was no water so ı performed dry ablution ( teyemmüm ) to  perform salat. As soon as ı completed my prayer , ı saw a truck coming from above .ı made gesture to stop this truck. The driver of truck saw me but even ıt   dıd not slow down and passed by me .  When ı looked back the truck  , ı heard blowout because back  tire of the truck had a blowout. Driver ,who was slim , get out of the truck .he looked at blown tire that got him angry  so he attempted to replaced tire.but he could not manage to replace.that failed replacing tire  got him more angry and he kicked blown tire with saying all swear which he knew. He put tire iron on the ground and he sat down in front of the that time ı watched him. I completed my prayer and -rabıta-and than ı went to him with my dıssasmbled mıll motor. I took the tire iron which he threw. I replaced tıre with spare tire. During this event he just watched me.Neither did ı say something to him nor did he say something to me. When ı was done , ı moved away. He took tools , he put them in the truck without saying anything to me. He got in the truck , started the truck. He  Went away  without taking me.The weather was dark.  After The truck  went away for a bit , ıt stopped , he came back , he asked me where ı went, ı said in the direction of Diyarbakır city.he made gesture me to get in the truck.ı put parts of mıll motor on the truck, we departed.during the way , Neither did ı say something to him nor did he say something to me as resentful. When we came silvan district , we had  a lunch break.ı had just 6 turkısh lira that was just enough for going not coming that meant it was not sufficient for arrival and deperture

so ı ordered just one  portion hot meal. The driver paid for all meal without saying something.we departed again.he asked me which district you would go in Diyarbakır fact ı said Gaziantep ,

                he said me that ı would go to city of Antep.due to fact that ı was so tıred ,ı slept. When we were about to enter Gaziantep , he woke me up from sleep.he asked me  which district you would go in Gaziantep. I said repair station of Gaziazntep. He said me that the repair station was not open at this hour that was blind of the morning. There was no other address where ı could go to. There was just one person   whom ı knew. His name was Mustafa  that was disciple ( mürit ) of Gavs. Apart from his work as carpet maker, no more information about him which ı knew. The driver asked me  to describe mustafa.ı just could  said his name and his work. There was no address or no more information about him ı knew.

The driver entered in Gaziantep. And then  he stopped in the one street. He said me there was a home belonging  to Mustafa.when ı looked him amazedly,he got out of the truck, he walked toward to home of mustafa , he knocked the door. Mustafa opened the door. He said  mustafa that there was a guest. As soon as he saw me , he happliy  embraced  me

I asked him how you  know Mustafa. He responded me that he was neighbor of me. Mustafa said me that welcome to my home and which wind threw you here. I explained my story.he immediately offered me food. After meal he showed me the door where ı would stayed.he said me that you could rest in here. But please not leave here. I slept very well.ı waked up.later Mustafa came near me. He said me ı had took your mill motor repair station. And ı got it fixed. İt was ready. I asked for its fee. As a answer He gathered his brows to me and just looked me. He did not say about its fee and than he prepared  tea for me . He said me that it was so late to find a would better to chat during this late time in the evening.and than he went to kitchen.

During all night ,we chatted.later we slept.we woke up fort he morning prayer.we performed morning prayer.Mustafa was not around for a while.when he came back , he said me that ,ı had a nephew who was truck driver so he would go same direction. if you wanted to go, he could take you there. he kept saying me , if you felt tired , you could rest for more. I responded, ı had to leave. The grain mill was waiting. Mustafa strictly  adviced  his nephew to make me comfortable. during all way he made me very comfortable.we chatted with warmly each other.he ordered tea,food for me.he always asked me what ı desire during the way.  he  firstly took me my village. As soon as ı got out of the truck , ı went to grain mill.ı installed the fixed mill motor. At that time Gavs came near to me.he said me that you already had came, ı replied , yes and the mill motor had been  fixed Elhamdülillah.then  he turned to me, he said me that ı had not asked whether you had money.and you had not said  me anything either . tell me what you dıd. I told him that  ı scrifice my self for you. When ı left here , ı had just 6 turkish lira, ı went there, ı returned here, during the way ı ate foods, ı drank, ı stayed there, and there was still 6 turkis lira ı had. Saints -May Allah sanctify their secret             ( saadatlar ) helped me so ı could not any money during the all way. My sheikh looked me and he said me , şahı hazne , who was sheikh of gavs , did much favour ( himmet ). -Due to deep respect to his sheikh , gavs attributed all the favors to Ahmed el haznevi-şahı hazne-.and than gavs said me , May Allah accept all service.later he walked with a smile…

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