GavsHazret , whichwasmentioned in thishistory ,wasBlessedfather of  Gavsisaniseyyid Abdulbaki thatrecentlylives in Kahta Menzil villageof Adıyaman city .

Hajjıidriswasoriginallyfrom Siirt cityandhe wasdisciple ( mürid )  of GavsSeyyidAbdulhakim  El hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajjiidris ,whichservednear of his Sheikh, wasgoodsufi.

Twotribesfoughteachother, 6 peopledied in Kozluk districtduetothemunicipalelection.
leader of one of thetribesaskedforhelpfrom
( Abdulhakim el hüseyni ).
Wewentfromgadirivillageto Kozluk provinceandwestayed in thehome
GavsHazrat , idris,  goandcallMayortomosque,said. wewould be waitingforyou in there.

be careful ! Introduce yourself when you approached the house so they would not hit you.said by gavs

I went there. I introduced myself out loud as I approached home.they accepted me to enter into home.ı said that gavshazrat was waiting for them.

thesituationwassocriticalthatthebodies of thedeceasedpeoplewereleft on thestreet, nobody ( sides )  could lift theirbodies.

The mayor said to me go tell him I’would not come.

I returned the mosque.kurban, they were not coming,I said.

Gavshazrat got angry. tell them to come here,he said.

iwentthereagain. I saidthatGavshazratwantedthemtocometothemosqueimmediately.

he had onegroupseated on the his rightand had theotherseated on the his left.

Gavshazratgavethemprofoundadvice. He askedthemtomakepeace.

Theysaidno, wecould not makepeace.

when they  calmed down , Gavshazrat said that wedidn’tcome here alone.KnowthattherewasHazratk.s ( Muhammed diyauddin ) on oneside of me and Şahı hazne  ( Ahmedülhaznevi )on theotherside of me.ifyoudid not accept, ıtwould not be goodforyou.

Reconsiderandmakemakepeace , Gavshazratsaid.
theatmospheresuddenlychanged, like a wind blew.

Theysaid ok wemadepeace but whataboutthebodieskilled ?

Gavssaid , bothsidewouldhave a jointfuneralcerenomyforallpeople of allsidedied.nofuneralseparation. Afterfuneral ,
a bigfeastincludingmealwould be prepared.

Beforethefuneral ,everypersonwouldmakepeace.

Thepeople of bothtribeswould sit togetherduringthe meal. Gavssaid.

Andthan he keptsayingthat , wewouldvisitthemayorandPublicprosecutor. Wehopedsothattheywouldacceptedthispeace in governmentallevelandtheywould do whatwasrequired.



Necessaryactionsweretaken.mealswereeaten.Everyone embraced each other.

Saadatlar left with blessing..

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