(The Gavs hazrat mentioned in the story is the blessed fathers of gavsı sani seyyid Abdulbaki who now resides in the village of Kahta in Adıyaman city)

Hajjı idris was  originally from Siirt city and he was disciple ( mürid )  of Gavs Seyyid  Abdulhakim  El hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi.

Our Gavs said that one day we  needed to repaired mosque roof , he asked  there was anyone who know this job? I said that ı would do it right away, kurban.

Our gavs, when idris asks if you could do this job, I said yes, kurban, I would do it very well, I would do it very wonderful.

Actually, it was not a job I was thinking of, but basically my thought was that if the saadat intended a job, no doubt this would be done.

if that’s the case,  I would do that job and could gain the consent of Saadats, because I dıd not have my deeds and knowledge.

We started the preparations right away, the day  Gavs said, we dismantled the roof, transferred it again and started its repair and renovation,In other words, I found the masters, provided their materials, I stood by them, I worked sometimes as an apprentice, sometimes as a master, sometimes as a chief, finally I coordinated as responsible. finally we finished when our gavs wanted, Alhamdulllah

The opening day came, we started to wait before the prayer, just that sofi Sado came.( sofi sado, who  was a very coy and old highly respected by the Gavs , had seen  3  other previous  saadats before our Gavs.)

sofi sado asked if the mosque was finished, I said it’s over.he said me to open to see, I said without hesitation,kurban, nobody could look before the gavs enter.

sofi sado said I could not  enter too?  were you saying me all this too? ( Beli ) yes  kurban I said you, before gavs no one enter.

sofi sado said, I would complain  about you to gavs. And than I i kept quiet.

realizing that I would not open the mosque, he left with great anger.soon Gavs returned with the congregation including sofi sado.

Before anyone said anything, sofi sado indeed complained to me in the presence of everyone,to gavs.because ı had not opened the mosque. Gavs … Idris asked if the mosque was finished ?… ı said  ıt was ended with the help of my Gavs.

Gavs said let’s open the mosque.

I said no.kurban

Our gavs immediately turned to sofi sado, look sofi sado, this idris dıd not open the door to me (you don’t get mad at him) then he turned to me and asked what I wanted.

I said that In such openings, the elders give gift and tip to the little ones. Such times are not always captured. Gavs said right with a smile. He took out his wallet and gave me paper money and

Gavs, idris this money belongs to saadats. Keep this in your wallet,
not spend that Money. as long as you have it, you would  have plentifulness ( bereket ).

 He said Now is it okay? –beli kurban beli ( ok in the sense of acceptance)

We all entered the mosque together,

 That made gavs enjoy.

Its from engin

Note: there are some sentences ın red clour above.  I  write them to make clearly undertanding. Normally these sentences dont exıst in originale history of hajı idris

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