Gavs Hazret, which was mentioned in this history ,was Blessed father of  Gavsi sani  seyyid Abdulbaki that recently lives in Kahta Menzil village of Adıyaman city .

Hajjı idris was  originally from Siirt city and he was disciple ( mürid )  of Gavs Seyyid  Abdulhakim  El hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi

I learnt that hazrat Gavs Hazret  had got sick so  he had gone  to Diyarbakir city  in order to treat his illness.

As soon as I got this news, a fire falled into me, and I couldn’t stay in my place anymore

I really needed to see him or I wanted to be close to him.

When I arrived to Diyarbakir With this fire (in me),   I learnt that our hazrat Gavs

stayed at Dr. Ahmet’s home.

But they told me that they dıd  not let anybody to get in the home.

 I went to home and knocked the door with a fire , somebody inside said “who was he?”

I said that   , ı was  Idris from Siirt”

when I heard  the voice that told me “were you Idris?” I knew that he was Molla Sehmuz.

ı and Molla Sehmuz were old friends.

Hearing a friend’s voice made me comfortable  a lot.

I said to myself “ooh, now I could easily get into home”

then I said “Sehmuz open the door I came to visit our Gavs”

Sehmuz slowly cracked the door open

said “Idris, getting in and visiting was forbidden”

with a smile I said “Sehmuz, it’s me .  you would not  let me in? was it forbidden even for me?”

he said “Vallahi Idris it’s forbidden for everbody and also for you”

I got very angry with these words

and I said “Heartless Molla Sehmuz did not you know that there was nobody between

me and Gavs (he means Gavs knows him)

and why did you say ‘it’s forbidden ?

you had to ask to our Gavs first, if he dıd not  accept, then I would be okey with it.”

But nothing changed with Molla Sehmuz and said

“Idris I’was sorry but our Gavs laid  in his room, I could not go and disturbed him”

I was so sad, and also so angry with Molla Sehmuz.

Desperately I went to pavement in front of the door and sat down there,

I put my head between my hands, and   looked the door that closed to my face

and started waiting..

While I was desperately looking to the door after a long time Molla Sehmuz

opened the door and made a sign “come come” with his hand.

I thought his heart softened and he  let me in, I ran to him excitedly.

I said “Yes”

He Held my shoulder tightly and  said “Idris, takeover my duty, I would go and come back,

Did not  let anybody in.”

I told him “You did not worry, even if my father came here, I would not  let him in.”

I entered, and locked the door three times (-door locking voice- nock nock nock).

I Immediately went up stairs, I went to the door of the room where the Gavs stayed

I slightly opened the door and looked inside

our Gavs was covered ,exhausted and tired,with eyes closed laid

I was so sad that, I sat in front of the door and started  crying

After a while, door was knocked, I ran downstairs to door

I called out Who was he?, outsider said “me, Sehmuz”

I said “what did you want?”

He siad “Open the door I came”

and I strictly told him “it’s forbidden. The man who put me here

warned me not to let anybody get in”

No matter how he got angry with me or how he beg me, I didn’t let him in,

he left there with grumblings

After he left, I locked the door, and also locked with locking bolt,

then ı went to upstrais and sat down infront of door.

After a short time,

I heard that the door opened.

Somebody was coming upstrairs with noises

While I was thinking as who they were and how they opened the door, two men appeared

The guys comning towards door were dark skinned, wearing tabard with imamah

and they seemed very majestic, I was almost tongue-tied, I coudn’t even ask “what were you doing here?”

They entered Gavs’s room,

I hurriedly entered after them

Gavs pushed the duvet over his feet and sat up in the bed,as if waiting

for them

I immediately put a pillow behind Gavs’s back and helped him to  sit up.

Those two majestic men stood at the feet side of Gavs with a great respect and decency.

Gavs told them something in a language that I never heard before.

(Hajji Idris knew Arabic, Turkish, Kurdish and a little Persian)

They spoke sometehing in a language that I did  not understand.

As I understood from their actions, they asked something,

and our Gavs answered .

And then those two persons left as quickly as they came.

When they left , they glanced to me and again even not said “salut” and went back with hard steps.

While I was still thinking how they opened the locked and lock-bolted door,

Dr. Ahmet came to home

I excitedly told him what happened and I wanted him to ask to Gavs who were they.

He said “I could not  ask. if you witnessed the event, come and ask”

Dr. Ahmet gave my hand a napkin and put the medicines in the middle of napkin,

He also took a glass of water and said “come on let’s enter the room together”

We entered together, While I was thinking whether to ask or not

Dr. Ahmet said; “Kurban(talking to Gavs) who were they?” “Idris was very  curious “

Gavs said “they were abdal- wandering dervish-“

They Came from India

They asked about an issue

I couldn’t stop and asked “Kurban, what they asked?”

Gavs smiled.

and said “This would  stay with us”(means he would not  tell what they’ve asked)

and said “Sah-i Hazne’s help was really much”

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