Gavs Hazret , which was mentioned in this history ,was Blessed father of  Gavsi sani  seyyid Abdulbaki that recently lives in Kahta Menzil village of Adıyaman city .

Hajjı idris was  originally from Siirt city and he was disciple ( mürid )  of Gavs Seyyid  Abdulhakim  El hüseyni – May Allah sanctify his secrets -,hajji idris  , which served near of his Sheikh , was good sufi.

       One day Gavs Hazrat   called us to come

seyyid Abdulbaki, Mollah Şefik and I sat down in the presence of Gavs Hazret. He turned his face to Abdulbaki, asked

Abulbaki who you are  ,who his friends were .

he responded him  I was son of you and sufi of you. They were sufis of you.

And than He turned his face to mollah şefik and asked same question

He responded that Abdulbaki was son of you ,I was Mollah şefik. he was haji idris.

We were announced as brotherhood of the hereafter by Gavs hazrat in the presence of ALLLAH and in the presence of all people. After that, you had no superiority over each other and against me.  we were just brotherhood of the hereafter.

Than he stopped for a while and he said that  with the condition to be at this door and on this way….

he looked at us like what were you saying. We said. Okay.

At that moment  a storm to broke about in my heart, so  I said ‘ Eyvahhh-u Ahh.
how could the storm not break out,there were on the one hand his precious son,scholar and sayyid on the other hand his precious scholar Mollah şefik and ı was  ignorant idris….

I was considering  deeply that,
There was no one weaker than me among these men so I trembled with fear. ( Mollah Şefik was the person who caused the haji idris to come to this door and caused him to repent )


he was imam, who was famous for his knowledge, oratory and scholarship at a young age, gained the respect and love moreover, he was a scholar who won the compliment of gavs hazrat so  whenever  he came to the mosque, gavs Hazret welcomed him and specially showed him where he would sit down , by saying ( rune,otur) . and  he, who caused me to come to this door and caused me to repent,was a friend of me, brother and scholar.

we were sure that he,who was admired by all people , would take ratification (  caliph )  from Gavs Hazrat as at any time,soon.

As the time went by,Mollah şefik became very famous in the region even beyond the siirt city, he was knew in istanbul city.

He was invited by people from İstanbul for many times, he wanted permission from gavs hazrat  to visit there but gavs refused him for every time.

By means of this invitations and request, there was high pressure on him. This pressure brought about change of his intention so he made decision to visit istanbul ,
 his father that felt  changed intention of his son ,warned him to obey with  what gavs hazrat said.
he said that surrender to what gavs hazrat knows

His father kept speaking that whatever Hazrat Gavs wanted you do,was beneficence for you. Never dont hurt your gavs. You taught us these rules.. He didn’t listen to whatever his father said. In so much that ,his father said , I would never  give you my  blessing to you.

after all this, he went to Gavs Hazrat. And he said  his intention to visit İstanbul.

Gavs hazrat said that look at me Mollah şefik. I dıd not give you permission. if you went istanbul, it would be prosper for your this World. But we could  do nothing for your afterlife.

Despite warning of his sheikh , his adventure started for İstanbul. he started to act as a imam in the mosque called hüsam bey tezgahcılar in fatih district . he became very famous imam, he gained respection from
folks to politicians  .his life became prosper in short  time As gavs said too.

This situation made me so disturb.

Whenever ı went to İstanbul, ı straightly

visited him.ı was looking at him , ı was chatting with him , we were craying  together ( we were brotherhood of the hereafter and he caused me to repent )

After the death of Gavs Hazrat, I continued to visit Mollah şefik.  I was inviting Muhammed Raşit hazrat, I was always requesting help and prayer from Abdulbaki hazrat.

They were praying for haji idris. They said that this door was open for haji idris , we could do anything for him as long as he would came back.during the Muhammed Raşit hazrat’s time, he intented to come back once , but he could not. He depertad ,He returned from half of the way.

I was so sad. after the death of Gavs Hazrat,when Abdulbaki passed to the position of Gavs hazrat, my hope increased even more. So   Mollah şefik was gettin older he took what he got from the world

As whim. there was no excuse for him any way according to me. I was starting to visit him more often.

Mollah şefik lived much things in this World.he earned and he saw. He never forgot what happend between himself and gavs hazrat. He was even getting emotional and crying from time to time by saying that ı  wish gavs said me to sit down ( rune,otur) one time again. Just tell me that once in return for my life to end…..

I said him that gavs hazrat had passed away. But his heritage,his way and his caliph was alive

As he was getting older, that caused more pain in his world of heart. Event hough often  My insisting made him disturb , he never found the peace that was between himself and gavs hazrat.

In the end he responded positive to my proposal so we came the menzil village together. We stayed in the place that called ‘divan’ but I could not conviced him to visit Abdulbaki hazrat ( Gavsi sani ). He said that I came here so gavsi sani  should came me.

As soon as I saw Mollah Ahmet, I was so happy, I requested help of Mollah Ahmet ,who came menzil at young age ,received caliph from Muhammed raşit Hazrat and he was serving as Sheikh in van city. moreover, good relation was between us. he loved me so much as a friend. Mollah Ahmet , who got spritual educated from Mollah Sefik with Seyyid Abdulbaki ,was so respected scholar with loyalty and wisdom in this door.

As he knew the stuation about Mollah şefik , he came immediately.

he complimented by saying that oooo, welcome seyda..  after the longing together,he said lets go the mosque.when Abdulbaki hazrat saw you, he would be so happy because  you were old friend…. Although he said a lot of kind words, He could not convinced Mollah Şefik.

in the end , he could not bear so with one last effort, he said that

eyyyy my scholer,my master  Mollah şefik

whereas we  had not been sufi, you had had been

sufi and Mollah of Gavs Hazrat.

The Mollahs ,whom you  had taught knowledge ,became sheikh

Mollah şefik who told for allah while not hearing  for Allah

Eyyyy Mollah şefik you  became one of the tyrant.

Mollah şefik ,who defended your personality ( nefs) ,became one of the  betrayer.

Who were you Mollah şefik ? you became the person who was opposed to Pledge in door of the pledge.

If you could not  be the person who surrenders God,

if you dıd not repent for your mistakes in the life.

You would lost.

He said that There was nothing left between he stood up and , he left

with one last effort,  I went to Abdulbaki, I was craying. before I started saying something, Abdulbaki said that you had been making great effort for him for years  by saying that he was reason of you to repent ,he was  brotherhood of the You turned our night into day for him ( that meant much effort was made for him ).

 was there something left that both you and us didn’t do ? than He opened both hands to both sides sadly….

He kept saying that that was words of Gavs hazrat , his words were precious.
his words did  not fall to the ground, his words not stay on the ground that meant ( Mollah şefik did not listen Gavs hazrat , he would never listen us )

I had neither voice nor breath left

haji idris visited Mollah şefik until his death

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